Nostalgic psychedelic freak-folk is what they call it and a horizontal eye’ shut dreamy, and at times toe tapping stance is how this band should be truly enjoyed.

A constant mix of altering sound from track to track infusing a delightful City and Colour folk guitar like that of “The Girl” in the single ‘Curling up your spine’, to a quick beat and similar digitalization to that of Delphic in Album entitled track ‘Archaeology of the future’, and a bubbly joyous beat of Darwin Deez in ‘Pepita Queen of the Animals’. This almost Passion Pit sounding vocally fronted Italian, Mexican, Austrian and English Quintet collate hard indie pop sound we all know and I’m afraid heard before, but this time in a fresher and more eclectic new folk style. If you’re looking to spice up your indie collection with something a little more challenging, then you’ll welcome this album.

Although this band have obvious influence from all those indie-pop bands branded with that regurgitated indie manufactured club sound we’ve all wailed and bopped along to before because 90% of the rest of the world at the time did to. You know, that ‘cool’ hand clap guitar backed beat with an obvious and non-consuming pop lyric chorus, daringly fronted by that annoying better framed person than yourself who seems to be having new age fun with a vintage feel that you don’t really care about? This band have taken to this high-end market and re-worked it like that old pair of Levi’s, and created an interesting treat for those music lovers who knew KOL before ‘Sex on fire’.

With the likes of Oh Land and Lykee li this band brings something completely original in sound to an already existing fan base, combining raw folk details of acoustic guitar and drum set with a heavy banjo ping, that can only have come from those Mexican roots, alongside a current eerie lyric style and occasional digital sound bite found in an indie lovers paradise. So despite its obvious current influences, its distinct folk brush mark makes this album one to be listened to with an open mind.

If you’re looking for some new experimental indie-folk in 2012 these are your men. Pop indie obsesser’s need not apply.

Album entitled ‘Archaeology of the future’ is due for release on the 21st of May.


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