Touch Episode 4 “Kite Strings” (Review)


Writer Tim Kring has me settled into my sofa once again ready to be taught a few valuable lessons about the meaning of life, learn how being willing to answer to the call of the universe will always lead you to the right place where the right person’s always waiting for you. This week Kring brings Sarah Bohm back into the mix and we’re invited to explore further the indelible mark she left on the hearts of the people she touched and the manner in which she continues to influence their movements. Martin’s wounds for his wife are reopened when he receives word that the government have not found her remains from the 9/11 bombings and that they are stopping the search.

He’s not alone in his desire for closure, Randall the lottery winning firefighter too is in a bit of muddle or his misery over all that he didn’t do for Sarah. Interesting how money doesn’t seem to fix anything, he thought once he won the lottery all would be well, only to discover that while he had the winning ticket he couldn’t step up and claim his prize because he didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what he’d do with his stash of cash. Perhaps God could tell him he thought as he heads into church, after all the sign says if “you have questions…He has answers!” Oh how wrong he was, a preacher stumbling over scripture and fumbling to find his feet amidst a run down church is all he appears to find.

Randall is more than comfortable telling the preacher that his sermon rendered the sign outside to be “false advertising”; he didn’t get any answers…of course this is Kring so we know it’ll all wrap up nicely in the end. Randall continues on his confessional spiritual quest and as he pours over the plans of the church, we’re pretty certain he has in fact found the answers to his prayers. The church will keep his hands busy, allow him to spend the money clearly burning a hole in his pocket and bring salvation to his soul aaahh, does that mean we’re done with our Randall I wonder…?

I don’t have too long to dwell on that matter, for Kring soon has my eyes glued to the screen watching Martin and Jake chase kite strings across town and into an apartment block. Ending up at Bobby’s apartment, the young man that bolted after bumping into them at Sarah’s graveside we get to delve ever deeper into the Bohm’s troubled relationship. Bobby seemed to have the hots for Sarah and despite being married with two children his flame still burns bright, did I mention he named his daughter after her! Throwing all kinds of accusations at daddy Bohm and making him feel even more guilty for being an absentee father he drives a dagger into his heart and twists, informing Martin that Sarah wasn’t wearing her wedding ring-dun dun dun!

Bobby breaks down and confesses that he like Randall should’ve done more to save Sarah, teary apologies soon follow but just before we’re allowed to dwell on Bobby’s impending marital problems as his questioning wife walks in we’re whisked away to the small town church and more grief-stricken confessions from Randall. In his usual style Kring shuttles us back across the globe to Iraq, reuniting us with Abdul the Chris Rock imitating comedian and his journey to stardom. Instead of blowing the village up like he nearly did in the first episode, this week all he manages to blow is a fuse. After he secures an important audition to raise the morale of the American soldiers he thinks all will be well, after all; he simply needs perform the jokes he’s seen Chris Rock do and the soldiers will be putty in his hand, right?  Wrong.

The journey for Abdul this week is to find and use his own voice, to step out of the clutch of imitation, to take inspiration from that what is around him and be a true artist instead of merely being a parrot. Of course it’s never that simple, before scribing his own script he manages to blow a fuse, which in turn lights the path to the friendly soldier Laura who after being blown up by enemy -insurgents is stumbling around in the Iraqi desert desperate to be rescued. Blessed be she’s found, the sparks from the fuse don’t set her alight and by the end of the episode she is reunited with her hubby who also happened to be Randall’s preacher-awww.

Like each of his previous endings this episode too ends on happy high note. A little nudge here and a pull there and fate finds Bohm at the jewellers where he locates his wife’s ring, rather than it being absent as a symbol of their problematic marriage it’s because she was having it engraved. 1+1=3, a reflection of how their family became complete when Jake entered their lives. Heart beaming all over our screens Kring ties up every loose end into a neat bow, families are stronger, paths realigned and in taking one step at a time, each character has arrived at their desired destination.


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