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The King Blues Split


Yesterday via a statement made on their website’s blog, The King Blues announced that they were splitting up.

“It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts that we must inform you, that as of today The King Blues are no more.

We are all immensely proud of our body of work. We will be releasing the last The King Blues album entitled ‘Long Live The Struggle’ as the final chapter. The album will be released in early July 2012

We simply feel we have taken things as far as they can go and it would be unfair on you if we were to go through the motions like so many other artists do. We all believe strongly in what The King Blues stands for.

Can we take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your support, love and passion down the years.

long live the struggle

in solidarity,

The King Blues

For us at Vulturehound this is especially tragic news. We named “We Are Fucking Angry” as one of our tracks of the year, were big supporters of their album “Punk & Poetry” and were lucky enough to get a playlist of Jamie Jazz’s personal favourite tracks.

What’s more though is that in a decade quickly being defined by the destruction corporate greed is wreaking  upon the global economy, The King Blues were one of the only protest bands out there seeking to promote positive change in a way that was impassioned, angry and completely uncompromising.  It seems in the past the best artists had a sense of community, perspective and were concerned with using music to spread activist ideals and optimistic messages.

It seems that sense of altruism died in a prosperous 90’s. Now music is in the most corporate state it’s ever been in; the charts dominated by frivolous, vacuous pop merchants, oblivious to the poverty and desperation being felt worldwide. Even the good, inventive artists seem more concerned with their own personal misery and self indulgent philosophies. This made The King Blues a desperately essential act in an industry dominated by narcissistic greed.

Their absence will be felt, their ideals will be sorely missed.

Lee Hazell


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