When Shibuya Crossings, an Irish three piece released their last single ‘At Eight in a Spanish Bar’  they gained a firm fan base, all eager to see what song from their 2010 sophomore album ‘DOYA (Depend On Your Alter-Ego)’ they would release next. The answer is two songs, in the form of a double A-Side; ‘I’ll Meet You at the Station’ and ’Gamla Stan’. While neither song has the catchiness of ‘At Eight…’ they both continue the band’s ability to mix seemingly upbeat music with rather melancholy lyrics. ‘I’ll Meet You at the Station’ in particular shows quite a relaxed beat, blended with a rather sad tale about missing love.

You may have heard ‘I’ll Meet You at the Station’ being used on several of Channel 5’s TV trailers, as well as an episode of ‘Home and Away’. Despite this, both songs lack the infectious catchiness of ‘At Eight in a Spanish Bar’, but they are both prominent tracks on the album, and set the scene for more success for the band to come.

‘I’ll Meet You at the Station’/’Gamla Stan’ will be released on May 14th.

Charlotte Earney


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