Sex Pistols announce re-release of God Save The Queen


Universal Music have confirmed that the Sex Pistols’ infamous God Save The Queen is to be re-relased on May 28th this year.

The album, released in 1977, was one of the most controversial ever to be released, challenging the British Monarchy in the midst of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. The band were rocking the boat to a level unheard of in British society, resulting in band members being attacked in the streets, and even politicians called for them to be hung for treason. Even the BBC refused to acknowledge that it had outsold Rod Steward’s The First Cut is The Deepest and topped the singles chart.

Never ones to do things by halves, the Sex Pistols promoted the album in their own unique, unpredictable and anti-establishment way. In view of the Houses Of Parliament, the band played several tracks from the album on a boat trip down the Thames before the boat was boarded and arrests were made.

Also announced is the re-release of the album Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols. The reissue will be available as an expanded and repacked release from September this year to mark 35 years since its release.

Just in case that wasn’t enough for Sex Pistols fans, a re-release of their debut single Anarchy In The UK will also be available from April 21st of this year. The 7” limited edition picture disc of the single will be released in support of Record Store Day.


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