Seventeen Evergreen – Steady on Scientist (Preview)


Well, it sure feels like the seventies are back.  That drug hazed post-hippy psychedelic sound has made a big comeback, not even its first one, and now people are getting spaced out like it was nineteen seventy five and songs like “Steady on Scientist” by Seventeen Evergreen are part and parcel of that revival.

Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans are the duo behind the psychedelic band Seventeen Evergreen are based out of sunny San Francisco, one of America’s hippest and most progressive cities.  The duo have been recording together for a while now, with one 2007 album under their collective belts already, Steady on Scientist has been released to promote their new album.

The preview is almost a guided tour by time machine of dance music.  It starts off with a driving electronic beat which wouldn’t have been out of place in the 1980s.  It then takes an “MGMT” style wander into the clouds with floating lyrics and another burst of electric chords.

For the next song the pitch drops into “chillout mode” within the same song as it flits towards the end with a brief floating verse before going into full on 1960’s sitar and guitar mode, Just for a few seconds.  Then it breaks tempo and goes into a fast 90’s style disco beat, lyrics laid out over the top like an even more laid back version of “Air”

Things float along for a while before the song just sort of fades out before the end, emphasising the experimental nature of the duos work and their little time machine comes to a halt.  Steady on Scientist is a very interesting and quite enjoyable piece of music which got me wanting to hear more from these two.  They clearly know their music, you can almost imagine them with a blackboard behind them explaining where it has all come from.

I’m very interested to see what the complete work sounds like. You can listen to it yourself below.


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