Since producing his company En.v, anorganization to promote social responsibility in the Arab world, in which developed En.v programmes; the creation of non-profitprogrammes on social guidance and En.v media;where online properties and social media sites are looked after so others can interact, hismusic has since become another personal outletfor the ultra talented Zahed to express his feelings on our worlds social issues.

There’s a clear sense of diversity in this new track with Zahed capabilities in languages as well as the differentiation in sound. Both thequietly but deeply poetic English and Arabic vocals nesting in an alternative electronica beat scattered with a DJ scratch interlude, a truly original mix much like the artist.
The track contains messages about our countries social changes expressing the idea of ‘re-use’ in the context of being eco friendly, with the quiet English vocals repeating the lyrics ‘Reuse Me, 
Abuse Me, 
Confuse Me, 
Misuse Me’,and Arabic lyrics at the end of the track centering around our human mistakes. Allreeking in a heavy Crystal Castles stench,where eerie vocals always meet a heavily driven sound effect.

The music producer and social entrepreneur from Kuwait is said to be releasing the track in conjunction with the annual exposition he holds in Kuwait titled REUSE, another non-profit opportunity for organizations, companies, professionals and creative talents in all fields of artistic medium to showcase their accomplishments in social responsibility and sustainability.

Although this track is not the type of track to hit the ground running in-terms of a mainstream sound, but its one produced by areally enthusiastic artist with the ability to mix sound uniquely to create an east meets west Gorrilaz meets Radiohead take on social climate, that makes you want to delve further into his archive. This definitely one to keep an eye on for some truly raw material.

The EP ‘Reuse Me’ will be release on The 28th of May.

Michelle Siddall

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