Reptar – Stuck In My ID (Single Review)


Stuck In My ID is the new single from Reptar, a quartet originating from Athens, a city in Georgia in the United States. Named after a character from Rugrats, the band have been producing music for over 18 months, and recently performed at 2012’s SXSW festival, a performance which was deemed highly successful, earning the band a feature in NME.

Stuck In My ID is an undeniably catchy song. An electro-tinged composition, the single sees Reptar contemplating a previous relationship, with the lyrics ‘There’s one hope, one thing I know is true / Yeah, I would drop all my lovers just to kick it off with you’. The single features excellent drumming and simple vocals, with the lyrics to the verse being sung in a shorter, more stuttered manner, before an instrumental leads into the chorus of ‘And when I wake up in the morning / My breakfast laid out on my bed / Some kind of memory without you, girl / She lives and spins inside my head’. The length of the track, 3:39 minutes, serves only to emphasise its catchiness, meaning that even after just a few listens, the song becomes embedded in the listener’s head, much like the female that the song is written about.

James Golunski


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