We were lucky enough to speak with Simian Ghost who’s latest album ‘Youth’ ; which is one of my favourite of the year so far is now out.

VH: We recently shared Curtain Call from your latest album on the site. For anyone that missed it can you describe your sound?

SG: I’d say it’s interesting pop music.

VH: Your debut album ‘Infinite Traffic Everywhere’ released in 2010 was met with great acclaim, is your new album Youth, more of a move away from the electronic sound, following on from your EP Lovelorn released in 2011?

SG: Yes, this is the first album we’ve done together as a band. ITE and Lovelorn are more based on electronics, with live elements like drums and guitars added on top, while the new album is the other way around.

VH: You spent the early part of 2011 touring Sweden, sharing the stage with the likes of Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT and Niki and the Dove amongst others. What was one of the best gigs you performed on the tour, and how did you find the reaction of the crowd?

SG: We played with SBTRKT at Way Out West last year, that was a big one for us. It felt awesome on stage and the crowd seemed to think so as well.

VH: Your newest single ‘Wolf Girl’ taken from your current album ‘Youth’ is described as a more stylish sound from the previous DIY material produced in Sebastian’s living room. How would you describe the band’s current orientation concerning sound production?

SG: The new album is basically a rehearsal space recording. We used three or four microphones and we did it all ourselves. So we’ve moved up a notch, from living room to basement. It would be interesting to hear what would happen if we went to an actual studio, but we find this way of working very satisfying at the moment.

VH: Can you tell us about the cover to Youth? It’s quite striking.

SG: It’s a photo by Weronika Bela. It’s taken with a Hasselblad camera with a broken back piece, hence the lovely light leakage. All artwork we’ve used for Youth so far comes from a series of photos she’s taken of her friends in Stockholm and Berlin the last summer.

VH: Are you looking forward to performing some UK tour dates? It seems you are performing across the UK with Surya in London, The Soup Kitchen in Manchester and The Captain’s rest in Glasgow to name but a few! That must be exciting for you?

SG: We’re really really looking forward to it! We’ve never been to the UK so we’re super excited! We have some more dates soon to be revealed too, can’t wait.

VH: Sebastian how did you find the transition from solo visual artist to trio with your brother Erik Klinga and friend Mathias Zachrission? I know the project was initially meant to be a solo recording venture;
was the progression into a live performing band a natural step forward for you?

SG: Yes, Mathias and Erik has been with me right from the start playing live, so it was a very natural transition. We’ve been looking for something “real” to do together for years and now it just felt right.
My reputation as a visual artist is a little exaggerated; I’ve been working mostly with music these last years.

VH: You’ve been compared to some bands like M83, Active Child and Washed Out. If you could compare yourself to any band who would you like to be compared to – if any?

SGI really like being compared to those three, it’s very flattering. I wish we could get to a point where we’re compared to the Beach Boys. That’s the goal. No but seriously, I don’t think too much about those
things. Or at least I try not to. What people compare us to says more about their own taste in music than what we actually sound like.

VH: We are quite exciting about discovering new music at Vulture Hound. Is there new bands we should look out for?

SG: The Malmö band YAST is great. They’re old friends of ours and they do this 90’s tinged pop music. Then there is Dunklet, also an old friend to us, who’s currently working on his debut release. He’s really, really good.

VH: How long are you planning to be in the UK for? Any festival plans?

SG: We’re doing the Camden Crawl! And we have some more shows that’s going to be announced in a near future.

VH: Being in a band there are a lot of different things to aim for either dream collaborations, dream venues to play or amounts of records sold. Before we end with the questions what are your ambitions?

SG: We just want to keep making music, as much of it as we possibly can! Thanks for having me!

Simian Ghost’s album Youth is now available


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