Paper Aeroplanes – Multiple Love (Single Review)


At first glance this song could only be a love ballad. Performed by one female vocalist (at times harmonised) backed by a piano the song seems to fit comfortably into that particular niche. However on closer inspection the comparison seems somewhat unfair.

Multiple Love is very much rooted in the idea of ‘the one’, but not in a typical manner. It does not take place before that ‘final’, perfect relationship, nor does it dwell on a lost love. The song exists in the space after it as the narrator comes to terms with the possibility of taking that final step of moving on and falling in love again. And though she is clearly content to be alone, she is not completely dismissive of ‘Multiple Love’ promising rather apologetically to do “the best that I can”.

Sarah Howells’ voice encapsulates the feeling of caution and trepidation one would feel when faced with the prospect of a second ‘love’. It’s delicate and dainty and is of a high enough pitch that it sits above the beautiful piano melody in a way that puts the focus wholly on her voice. Remarkably the vocals were recorded in one take, which feels appropriate given the honesty of the lyrics.

Love songs on the whole tend to be static, stuck on one individual. This song is not like that at all, it’s a love ballad that isn’t really about love; and one that’s delivered with the beauty and poise love has always inspired.

Daoud Al-Janabi


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