Ones to Watch: Honningbarna


Set to appear with force on the punk scene this year is Honningbarna – a group of teenage punks from who’ve been described by The Clash as ‘the most exciting band in Norway’.  They’ve already won the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy and, despite tragically losing their original drummer in a car crash last year, are shaping up to cause quite a stir in the UK.

A world away from established artists who bemoan file sharing, Honningbarna (or Honeychildren) are personally distributing demos to fans and encouraging them to share their music with as many people as possible.  This DIY attitude falls perfectly in line with their music, which embodies the true spirit of punk with anarchic, politically motivated lyrics and aggressive melodies.

The video for their track Klart Blikk is a gloriously frenetic mishmash of grotesque masks, childlike drawings and crude animation using paper cut outs.  It sits perfectly alongside their raw and assaulting sound – a sound that they execute very well.  At no point do they sound like a bunch of boys aimlessly thrashing guitars – there’s plenty of quick-fingered soloing and sharp, clipped chords to prove they can really play.

They’re due to perform in the UK on a blink-and-you’ll-miss it three date tour at the following venues:

10th April – Whelan’s, Dublin,

11th April – The Shackwell Arms, London

12th April – Wide Days, Edinburgh

Thea de Gallier


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