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Everyone wants a piece of Friends; the eclectic Brookyln born indie-pop band. Already just four months into 2012 they have turned heads massively catching the eyes of Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and more. With a monster tour ahead the guys are soon to be travelling across America, through Europe making 13 stops in the UK for their own headline shows and a few festival stops including The Great Escape and Bestival. No biggie. So far so good, in the eyes of the usually misanthropical critics they can do no wrong. So with the indie world practically eating out of the palm of their hands, what better time to release a follow up single to their cult hit “I’m His Girl”.

“Mind Control” is the lead single release for their upcoming debut album “Manifest” which is to be released 4th June. If you’re into “indie with a twist” minus a ukulele then you’re in for a real treat. Fuelled by a 70’s funk bassline, 80’s synth, a 90’s party attitude to life and an image so effortlessly stylish from our modern day, Friends are the ultimate contradiction.  “Mind Control” presents a Blondie vs Kate Bush inspired vocal mash up which is welded to the bones of the track; the never ending layers of percussion. But no indie band is complete without a bit of wit and good nature, which is exactly what their lyrics present to listeners, showing that they don’t take themselves too seriously. “I don’t want to rule or be ruled/I just want the right to be cool/However I chose to do what I do/Wherever I choose to be or with whom/Hey, I don’t need your money, I can grown my own food/I don’t need your beauty standard, I can be my own dude.”

They’re aim is to be heard, and be heard they shall, as wherever they go they are sure to cause a stir.

Hannah Murphy


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