Night Verses – Out Of The Sky (Preview)


American Post- Hardcore band Night Verses are about to lay down the foundations of their musical career with a debut E.P set for release 15th May. Having been instrumentally performing together for around 7 years they have finally solved the seemingly unsolvable equation of finding a fit for purpose vocalist/frontman. Band members Nick DePirro, Reilly Herrera and Aric Improta clearly had a specific idea of what they wanted Night Verses to be and after years of searching, ex The Sleeping vocalist Douglas Robinson found his way to them.  Drummer Aric reflects back on the turbulent search for a frontman; “Nick, Reilly and I literally went years without any sign of a singer capable of achieving what we all thought was needed to complete our sound. Despite this, we continued to write 5 nights a week, being motivated solely by our progression as musicians and the hope of finding that final member. It wasn’t until we came in contact with Douglas that we felt like we met someone else who was as willing to push themselves musically and as creatively as we do.”

Producer Kris Crummett who has worked with bands such as Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa, took a liking to the guys and brought them into Interlace Studios; and so the ‘Out Of The Sky’ EP was born. After a striking video teaser back in January, Night Verses have created an intense build up for the release. Leading track ‘I’ve Lost My Way Back Down’ is just as striking, it’s raw and with dark, heavy guitar riffs the track is sent spiralling into a burning breakdown, followed by an explosive,  gritty outro. The Post-Hardcore scene proving to be a difficult one to top and so a difficult road lies ahead,  so have they got the motivation to prove themselves to be unique, fresh and passionate? We’ll see. But what’s the best way to embark on a mission to win over the millions of angsty teenage rock lovers?

Why, a free E.P of course. ‘Out Of The Sky’ will be available for free download 15th May from


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