New Music: Pepe Deluxé – Go Supersonic


Have you ever watched a movie that has involved a fairground and a creepy Fun House accompanied with whimsical music that played tricks with your poor naïve mind? I’m pretty sure you have and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t reluctant to enter one again! The new track from Finnish “electro-psych-pop” band Pepe Deluxé would provide the perfect soundtrack to such movies. At first (just like the said Fun House) everything appears sugar coated, just your average run-of-the-mill track. But within seconds an explosion of perky vocals and harmonies forces you to sit up, wide-eyed and pay attention, I would even go as far as to say it’s as if you’re being brainwashed. A fusion of synthesisers, perhaps a harpsichord and even a couple of surf rock guitar riffs which strings the whole Pop-Opera together.  A technical masterpiece but chaotic to say the least, you can’t help but wonder if your heart can take much more – cue the instrumental breakdown please.

The feeling of uneasiness is yet to subside when we float into the last minute of the song in a dreamlike state only to be abruptly flung back into reality with a single tambourine to carry us out. We are left with a strange sort of fulfilment from this track and for Pepe Deluxé to be able to create this sort of imagery is a true skill which very few can master. Credit where it’s due, when imagination and quirkiness come together and meet instruments it’s a winning combination.  ‘Go Supersonic’ is ready for release on the 21st May through Catskills Records. Think 60’s psychedelic pop, be open-minded and treat it as your escapism for the day.


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