Homeland Episode 8 Review “Achilles Heel”


Last week’s episode of Homeland ended with the shock revelation that Tom Walker was still alive, and it was him, and not Nick Brody, that had been turned by Al-Qaeda.  The house that Raqim and Aileen were living in was set to be the location for the assassination of the president, giving Walker, an expert sniper a clear line of sight to the Marine One landing zone.

With Raqim dead and Aileen in custody, that plan has been halted, but the CIA are still hunting for Tom Walker.  We see him begging in the street, and he’s given money from one car, with a key and address of a storage space printed on it.  At the CIA offices, Saul has discovered that Walker has been calling home, just to hear the voices of his wife and son on their answer phone message.  This gives them an opportunity to trace his location, if Helen Walker can get him talking on the phone.  The FBI are now involved, although Saul enjoys marginalising them and keeping them out of the loop.

Meanwhile, Brody and Jessica talk things through, with Brody telling her that he doesn’t want things to fall apart.  They are invited to a party by Elizabeth Gaines, who wants to groom Brody as a replacement for a local politician involved in a lewd photo scandal.  As Brody and Jessica are growing closer again, Saul is failing to persuade his wife Mira to stay with him.  He is at the party too, but Gaines knows his relationship is falling apart, and later Mira explains that Saul’s job is his Achilles heel, just like Walker’s family is his.

When Walker again calls home at night, Helen answers, and she tells him why she moved on and re-married.  After listening to her voice, Tom said her name, which prompts her to confess that the CIA and FBI are listening in, giving him time to flee just as a FBI team are closing in on his location.  He takes out on FBI man, securing a weapon, before luring them into a mosque, where they kill two innocent Muslims, and Walker escapes.

This leaves the CIA with no alternative but to go public about Walker, hoping that they can flush him out if he is named a threat to national security.  Carrie visits Brody to tell him this before he hears about it on television.  After this, the episode ends with yet another significant revelation that further complicate matters, leaving the viewer reeling.

This is superior television, and Homeland is keeping the audience on their toes as the plot becomes ever more complicated and captivating.  There are just four episodes remaining in this series, and all signs point to a dramatic and explosive end.

David Dougan


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