Homeland Episode 7 Review “The Weekend”


After last weeks Jeremy Kyle inspired episode (Surely he has done a show about having an affair with someone you suspect is a terrorist?) Carrie is still suspicious about Brody after he lied when she planted a question into his Polygraph (more Kyle!) test.

We find Aileen is buying a ticket to anywhere in Mexico having escaped from whoever killed Raqim Faisal.

Back at Brody’s family home Jessica and Dana fight over when Brody if come home, personally Dana I would not argue with a woman who has scissors in her hands!

Saul informs Estes about Aileen’s attempt to enter Mexico from Beaumont,Texas and offer to go and do the intercept and interrogation himself, Estes reluctantly agrees.

Carrie & Brody arrive at the her parents Cabin but can’t find the key to get in, she contacts her Sister for the details, her sister confirms she only has one Anti-Psychotic med left but does reveal the location of the key.  Once inside Carrie checks for an old Service Revolver before allowing Brody in.  She and Brody chat on a decking about the Polygraph she asks how he lied and beat the test, he accepts he cheated but moves the conversation on when Carrie asks about his capture and torture.  They move inside for a continuation of yesterdays car fumble!

Cut to Aileen in Neuvo Laredo,Mexico being arrested by local Police led by Saul looking very Man from Del Monte!  Saul attempts to befriend Aileen on the drive back to the US, trying to obtain information from her.  She stays silent, Saul keeps pressuring Aileen asking about Plan B, and how he can help, digging into her life in Rhiad and how she met Faisal when she was 15.

Carrie and Brody decide to hike to a waterfall, discussing Carrie’s job on the way she discusses losing her translator in Baghdad, Brody reveals he likes talking to Carrie, he is comfortable opening up.

Back at the family homestead Dana and friends are drinking and smoking pot, they want to go out but Dana reveals she is grounded; she stumbles and smashes through a patio door, cutting her arm up.

Saul and Aileen stop at a diner, Saul still trying the befriending tactic, he brings up her estranged Father mentioning that he is trying to get in contact with her since she ran away with Faisal.  Saul drops the possibility of Aileen facing the death penalty into the conversation to move things along.

Dana has to get 19 stitches and back at home Mike is there, he is the local Bob the Builder and has fixed the door.  Once Dana has gone to bed, him and Jessica share a kiss before being interrupted by Dana and with Jessica now looking in on Chris, Dana tells Mike while he is around that Brody feels threatened and she asks him to stay away.

Brody and Carrie are back at the Cabin cooking in silence but then start talking about Nose Gays…nope no idea either!  They move to the living room for what must be post dinner sex, and it’s not as carnal as the other times.  During the night Brody has another nightmare and Carrie comforts him.

Saul stops off with Aileen in his home town in Indiana(heck of drive they have made from Mexico, where they driving a Delorean?)  Saul recounts his upbringing being a stranger in the town, just wanting to make friends but his parents ensuring he kept their faith.  This seems to resonate with Aileen who Saul thinks only turned due to Faisal.

Carrie tries to make breakfast and lets slip the obscure Tea that Brody drinks, tries to cover it by saying “you must have drunk it at Langley”, Brody is suspicious.

Saul confides in Aileen about the breakup of his marriage, and she asks what happened to Faisal’s body.  This leads to her confessing to Saul that someone met her and Faisal on the roof of her house, she never got a name but is sitting with a sketch artist.

Back at the cabin, Brody confronts Carrie about the Tea, asking her “did she spy on her”; he works out that the chance meeting at the support group was not chance at all.  He has the Service Revolver and asks if she is spying now, she admits she is always working.  She comes clean about her suspicions about Brody being a turned Terrorist.  She tells him she thinks he is working for Al Qaeda.  He puts down the gun and agrees to be asked any question, Carrie opens with did he slip the razorblade to the Hamid, Brody says no, he admits to her about converting to Islam during his capture and about killing Walker under command from Abdul Nazir.  Carrie asks why Brody lied in his debrief about meeting him, Brody admits to liking Nazir as he was kind to him but denies being his follower.

On the roof of Aileen’ house an agent searches for clues and confirms he can see a direct line of sight via Binoculars to a Helipad for Marine 1, the Helicopter for the US President.  Saul asks Estes for a picture of Brody to show Aileen.

Carrie still questions Brody while Saul calls, Brody leaves as Carrie answers learning that Aileen identified Walker rather than Brody, who it appears is still alive.  Carrie tries to apologise to Brody, holding back the tears as Brody just drives away.

Back in Washington Brody arrives home, the family are asleep when he checks on them one by one, except Jessica who pretends not to see him, so Brody sits in the living room and cries.

Gary Redrup


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