Giant Giant Sand – Forever And A Day (Single Review)


Giant Giant Sand is Howe Welb’s self-proclaimed ‘country rock opera’. After expanding his former Giant Sand project with the addition of new musicians and sounds, the name Giant Giant Sand seemed only appropriate.

The new single ‘Forever and a Day’ conjures up images of cruising down a sweltering, Arizona highway with this slice of Americana blues blasting on the radio.

At times the Tijuana brass sound is sharp and resounding and it is easy to hear the influence of GGS’ Mexican-American contingent, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan and Jon Villa permeating the Bluegrass melody.

The extended bridge feels like day folding into night as Welb’s vocal changes from an airy lilt to an almost howling lament as the melody takes a dark turn. There is also a ‘Sultans of Swing’ feel to the verse with Welb’s breezy vocals effortlessly riding over the brass, the delicate guitar licks and bottleneck slides. The only thing missing is the Knopfler solo and blasé approach to the whole arrangement.

‘Tucson’ is set for release on June 11, 2012 on Fire Records. Giant Giant Sand are set to play the Wilderness Festival 10-12 August 2012. If ‘Forever and a Day’ is anything to go by you can expect an all-encompassing record and a live show brimming with fantastic musicianship and a strong chemistry between the band.


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