Gary Stewart – Year and a Day EP (Review)


Gary Stewart is an up-and-coming folk musician who is set to release an EP entitled Year and a Day, distributed through Babaganoush Records, on June 18th. Stewart’s Year and a Day EP follows the release of his debut album, Boy Cries Wolf.

The opening track, Thorns, begins as a mellow affair that gains pace close to the two-minute mach. Thorns, for the large part, features little more than Stewart’s vocals and a guitar, serving to highlight the singer’s distinctive voice. The subsequent track, Eve, follows in the mellow footsteps of the former song. Whilst perhaps not as strong as Thorns, the latter half of the track makes for a particularly enjoyable listen. The following track and the penultimate track on the EP, Green, is in complete contrast to the previous songs, immediately raising the tempo of the LP.  An upbeat composition, Green is a welcome break from the previous two slower tracks. Blue, the EP’s closing song, proves to be another distinct recording, with slow verses that build into soaring choruses. Blue fades out at around the 5:20 minute mach, drawing a close on the Year and a Day EP that, at just four tracks long, proves to be a diverse release.

Having toured parts of the United Kingdom already, including performances at the Otley and Warwick Folk Festivals, Stewart will be performing numerous gigs in the coming months and is set to perform at Kilburn High Road, London on May 23rd.

James Golunski


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