Foreign Slippers – It All Starts Now (Review)


Part of the joy of music is the new, part of the comfort of music is the familiar.  With “It All Starts Now”, Foreign Slippers have managed to combine the two to create a magical piece of music.

Sweden has delivered another interesting and exciting act with Gabi Froden and her band “Foreign Slippers”.  A new band whose debut album, “Farewell to the Old Ghosts” is due out in June.

A folksy piano starts the track as backing to a single female vocalist.  The song then gradually builds up, one instrument at a time.  A percussion beat which includes hands clapping in a chorus threads along, eventually being joined by another vocalist.  The track swells to a anthem-like chorus which is really enjoyable.

Part of the songs esoteric charm is that sometimes the backing vocals come in a bit too early and it almost sounds like a ‘call and response’ chorus.  With a strange but whimsical video, this creates a feel of originality and charm.

Gabi’s vocals are tender and she reminded me a little of Cian Marshall of Cat Power and Beth Orton, though this track wasn’t as downbeat as much of their work.

Whilst the song has a folksy, cut and paste feel it’s well crafted and builds up, athem-style and wouldnt be out of place in the soundtrack to a movie or TV show, preferably at one of the uplifting ‘heroine packs her bags for the adventure to come’ moments.

Of course you can be as folksy and charming as you want but if you’ve got nothing to say then it’s just a lot of sound and noise.  Luckily the lyrics have feeling and meaning in equal measure.  It’s a melancholy chorus wrapped in an uplifting vocal chorus.  She speaks of “shooting the lights out on the things we did wrong”, it’s a song all about letting go and moving on.

This probably feeds nicely into the title of their album, ‘Farewell to the Old Ghosts’.  Rather than dwell in the darkness of what sounds like a difficult past, Gabi has chosen to focus on the future and that future ‘starts now’.  For a band this inventive and heart-felt, I think that future will prove to be rather bright indeed.


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