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Think back to the musical realms of 2011, when British Summertime was taken over by American indietronica band Foster The People, and a few years prior to them MGMT. The nation adopted them into their music library, no questions asked, which lead them to nominate both bands for several prestigious awards. Could Detroit based, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. follow suit with international success? Their debut album ‘It’s A Corporate World’ is ready for release in the UK on 21st May with Warner Bros. Records. After stirring up some major love from American critics upon its release back home, it seems the guys are tackling the slippery mountain that is the music industry with ease.

‘It’s A Corporate World’ is a major crossover between influences of Folk, Electro-Pop, and even Soul and Motown. Think potent beats and 60’s inspired airy vocals, completely sugar-coated with dreamy, electronic instrumentals. Let the uplifting waves of “Morning Thought” and “Nothing But Our Love” wash over you.  Their light, jovial music appears to be a reflection of their own personalities which come across in their video approaches.

Just days ago the video for their interpretation of the Gil Scott-Heron classic “We Almost Lost Detroit” premiered. Featuring locals of the Detroit area to portray the importance of living life and focusing on the positives; “So we wanted this video to be about people DOING things in and around the city of Detroit. People who are on the job. People who have moved past “what happened?” and are spending more time saying “lets MAKE things happen”. These are the people who we feel represent the city of Detroit.” A major re-work of the track, but work it does, as they manage to keep things featherweight, free and fun without losing sight of the real meaning behind the track. It seems morals and integrity are of the upmost importance to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein are ready to take on the world in duo form with their sunny disposition and motivational melodies at hand. With bundles of potential, they could be up there amongst some of the most famous duos, The Chemical Brothers, The Black Keys and even Spongebob and Patrick and Jay and Silent Bob. (Just to confirm, the last two were a joke).

Hannah Murphy


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