Trying to nail London based DJ/Producer Bullion into one pigeonholed genre of music is a difficult task indeed. With influences coming from Garage artists such as MJ Cole and Steve Gurley, fused with jazz, funk and even sounds reminiscent of Daft Punk. On paper it sounds like a concoction best left alone, but with the confidence and courage of Bullion comes a fresh, eccentric direction for underground music. After the success of his viral hit “Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee” back in 2008 Bullion grew from strength to strength and is back once again with a new release “It’s All In Sound”. The track is to be the first single release from his upcoming EP ‘Love Me Oh Please Love Me’.

“It’s All In Sound” is an upbeat synth based track, layered with hand claps, a guitar and even an unexpected appearance from a Saxophone which eludes listeners to another dimension of the track. It’s a clean cut retro mix with waves of psychedelic accents resonating throughout parts. Bullion appears to be moving away from sampling as his career evolves, steering more to instrumental compositions; whilst still applying the fundamental skills he achieved through those sample based mixes. Perhaps not his greatest track but definitely a taste for things to come, which can surely only be good.

‘It’s All In Sound’ is set for release on 30th April with the EP ‘Love Me Oh Please Love Me’ following shortly after on 7th May.

Hannah Murphy


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