Broken Hands – If You Need To Lie (Single Review)


Broken Hands have had enviable success in the past year, releasing two singles, embarking on European and UK tours supporting Band of Skulls and selling out their first London show. The Faversham boys are back on tour again in May, this time as the headline act. And just to top it all off, they have a new single!

“If You Need to Lie” is your typical indie-rock fair. It lies on the road somewhere between Kasabian’s dark, hypnotic quality and Arctic Monkeys’ ear for a memorable hook. This track saunters along on the chilled-out wave of a thick, pounding drum beat and wall of distorted Oasis-style guitar riffing. The overall effect is an imposing, claustrophobic sensation that pushes through your headphones – just to clarify, this is definitely not meant as a detrimental comment. Kudos must be given for some nice drum work, particularly the Smells-Like-Teen-Spirit-esque intro fill which instantly demands your attention.

The song features a devilishly catchy vocal refrain which you will find revolving in your mind for days, even weeks. The verses too are set to root themselves in your psyche with a simple and memorable melody and rhythm. Norton’s tone works really well on this track, his vocal swagger and vague snarl setting off the acidic lyrics well.

For what this song is, it does the job. The problem lies in the feeling that this track has been done before; it seems to pull together quintessential elements from each decade of indie music and it’s difficult to find the band’s own stamp. In saying that though, it is by no means some Frankenstein’s monster. It is a well written and catchy tune and will certainly be heard ringing out of fans’ mouths on the upcoming tour.


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