Billy Vincent – She (Album Review)


Billy Vincent is one quintet that has got me hooked. They manage to mix a variety of styles from Americana to country skuzz, with a taste of shanty rock. Their influences vary from Springsteen, Dylan, and Bright Eyes, in which they have managed to bring to the table a new mix of musical styles- Billy Vincent playing with the heart of rock n roll, based upon the foundations of Americana.

Billy Vincent are set to release their debut album ‘She’ on May 7th through Something Nothing records home to the likes of rockers Goodluck Jonathon and Sweet Sweet Lies. The album follows on from EPs – ‘King Island Coyote’ and ‘Once On The Grand Union’. A personal favourite of mine from their King Island Coyote EP being Prairie Wolves, since they have various live versions recorded in beautiful locations. It is also a song that the band holds dear, since the song came about when they were touring the South West. It’s the first time in a while that folk has caught my attention, with lyrics holding a poignancy that creates bitter sweet emotions-drawing me into the world of Billy Vincent.

One difference in the band’s sound that struck me to previous EP’s is that the influence has drifted away somewhat from the fast paced country style in such past tracks as St. Catherine’s Oratory, with their new release holding far more somber, emotive tones as well as the upbeat nature of previous material with Feathers, And It Fights being prime examples. ‘She’ is far more folk influenced with lighter classic rock tones; still holding true to the distinct sound that could only be that of Billy Vincent.

I love hearing how the name Billy Vincent came about. So often these days many bands are unable to stamp their mark on who they are, with a name that is forgotten in an instance. Band members and best friends Billy Barratt and David Vincent did not want this to happen, and so cleverly combined their two names! They have been playing together from as far back as infant school and it shows through the detailed collection of tales, that are delivered with a passion and confidence that only true friends could carry out. This is an unpredictable record that does not simply rely on past sounds, but branches out into new territory for the band who create an album that is both intense in poignancy and energy. Billy Vincent are able to draw upon the sprightly energy they are renowned for in opening tracks ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ and ‘And It Fights’, to the country boisterousness of ‘The Wayward Fall In Line’ and ‘Pirates’ and the poignancy of ‘4, 5, 6’ and recent single ‘Bottle Top’.

Billy Vincent are one band who provide their audience with an electrifying performance on stage and need to be seen in the flesh to truly appreciate how great they truly are! You can catch them on the following dates in support of the album at:

April 11th – The Lexington, London(Something Nothing Records showcase)

May 12th – Great Escape Festival,Brighton                                                             

May 14th – The Bowery,London (w/ Three Blind Wolves)


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