AWOLNATION – Sail (Single Review)


AWOLNATIONs ‘Sail’ has gone platinum and it’s not hard to see why. Some of you may recognize this track, it has featured on loads of TV shows of late and caught my attention from the off.

This track is impossible to define. It’s a complete mishmash of genres, electronic, rock, alternative…. I don’t know where to place it but the amalgamation of these sounds really works.

This song is a cycle. It features heavy synth and bass throughout but then a driving drum beat reappears throughout the cycle and the plonky piano riff that comes and goes highlight a passage of time throughout the track. It’s almost metamorphic. The same loop with individual notes and elements being added and taken away each time. The plinky piano break in the middle of the song provides a beautiful change from the heavy fuzzy backdrop that features throughout, like the noise you get when you half tune a radio. This track is emotionally charged, its simplicity highlighting, rather than detracting from this. The chorus is just Aaron Brunos’ croaky repetition of the tracks title and it is beautiful in its starkness. It refuses to leave your head and has been stuck on a loop in mine for quite some time.

Reading the YouTube comments on the video for this you can see that this is a song that connects with people. People claim that this song is a musical representation of their life. I can’t quite go that far but it can certainly become a part of the soundtrack to mine.

Harriet Dawson | Photo: Autumn De Wilde


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