2:54’s video for B Side You’re Early (Wild Beasts Remix) is a beautifully choreographed and shot piece that is filled with a tense atmosphere and gorgeous simplicity. Featuring the band and a series of hooded, animalistic figures, the haunting sound of the remixed song mixes perfectly with the smoke laden scenes.

You’re Early is a classically built piece of goth rock, lyrically seamless and full of harmonies between singers Hayden and Colette. The styling is rooted deep in the 1980’s, with a distinctly Fields of the Nephilim look and feel to the clothes and smoky, indistinct filming. The modern twist comes from the figures twisting and dancing in between shots of the band. The choreography focuses on shapes, both of the human body and of the swirling, hypnotic motions of flag dancing. Engrossing, the figures do not move with the music, rather they move and the music flows around them.

The first remix from the band since their 2011 version of Lady Gaga’s You and I, the quality and intensity of the new version has clearly inspired the video. The use of slow motion for the frenzied motion from the dancers gives them an otherworldly appearance. The music and the video create smooth, seamless pieces that blend together to produce a surreal yet elegant visual feast.

2:54 will be touring in April, with a final UK date for London lined up in June.

Becca Jones

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