2 Broke Girls “The Pilot” (Review)


Brought to you by the award-winning writer of Sex and the City, Michael Patrick King, 2 Broke Girls is an American sitcom set mainly in and around a Brooklyn diner. The two main protagonists of the show Max and Caroline share very different backgrounds and life stories.

Caroline, a Chanel-wearing, Paris Hilton-looking socialite schmooze in to the life of Max, a working-class witty sour bag of a Waitress already working in the diner. Surprisingly, Caroline has come for her first shift. The two hit it off after a little hostility and find that their differences in expertise could make them a very large amount of money. The only stumbling block; the $250,000 setup fee they will need for their potential Cupcake business to get off the ground.

The series pilot starts of really well with some post-watershed sexually referenced humour, introducing several characters, such as Hon Lee the diner owner who has changed his name to Bryce to sound ‘more American’ and also Oleg the seedy Chef, obsessed with Max and her ‘tight ass’.

What is a shame however is that in places, and there are a few of them, it feels like the writer is trying too hard to get laughs out of its audience. This doesn’t necessarily ruin the rest of the quite-well observed witticisms, it simply dilutes them a little, bringing the overall quality of the script down.

The thing that I do like, and was quite surprised at, was that the two lead characters Max and Caroline play off of each other really well. I expected the clichés to come thick and fast but was instead greeted with a somewhat fresh approach to an obviously quite intelligent blonde ‘airhead’ and a fiery ‘plain Jane’.

As pilot episodes go this ticks more-or-less all the boxes. However, and this is a big however, if the writers continue to force the issue too much the laughs will quickly turn to awkward silences, even through the canned laughter.

It’s a solid start; let’s just hope they’ve not gone for broke 2 soon before the series has even begun

Bill Taylor


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