Monday sees the return of ITV’s most popular drama from 2011 not to star Maggie Smith. Downton may’ve been one of the most talked about when it came to ITV drama in 2011 but Scott and Bailey, which debuted last summer did fantastically in the ratings and was taken to the hearts of viewers and critics alike. With  wonderful paring of Surrane Jones and Lesley Sharp coupled with razor sharp and humerous scripts from the equally wonderful Sally Wainwright its really no surprise Scott and Bailey proved such a hit first time round. Its fantastic to have it back and it has gone from 6 episodes to eight the first of which starts Monday at 9pm with a 2-part episode that sees are heroic female officers deal with the gruesome murders of seemingly unconnected men. Everything we loved from series 1 is back: the humor, the grittyness and the absolutely wonderful Ameila Bulmore who returns (to use a phrase I’m not fond of) as feisty boss Gill. The secondary storylines are just as interesting as the main crime story of each episode there’s absolutely nothing not to like.


BBC1’s Tuesday evening documentaries are not often discussed at the water cooler but they’re always so diverse, informative, real and entertaining. This Tuesday proves to be another fascinating single documentary that is being shown as a disability season on the Beeb. It follows Rosa Monkton, a mother who is facing the prospect of letting her 16yr old daughter who has Downs Syndrome into the real world. Over the past few years Rosa has made some fascinating documentaries on a
similar subject and I don’t feel they have got the praise/interest they are deserving of.

Letting Go TUESDAY AT 10.35PM BBC1

Aside from the return of Scott and Bailey there’s another new drama on ITV. Love Life is a three-part drama starring Andrea Lowe (last seen in DCI Banks last Autumn) and Rob James Collier (last seen on the cobbles of Weatherfield) as a couple who have been on an off relationship wise and when he returns from traveling he is shocked to discover his girlfriend has moved on and got pregnant. Question is whose the daddy? I’ve seen the opening episode of the three that will air over consecutive Thursdays and to be honest it was all a little bit sugary sweet for me, shot with a warm summary glow that made me want to vomit but on the plus side there are no murders, nuns on bikes or Danish subtitles and that’s a real rarity on television these days.


If you’re looking for a drama with a bit more substance and less irritating characters on Thursday I point you in the direction of BBC2’s new drama White Heat. Comparisons to Our Friends in North were inevitable but I feel this drama which charts the lives of room-mates from the 1960s to present Day stands quite well on its own. The young cast are brilliantly talented and the characters are well formed. It can be guilty a bit slow in places but on the whole its proper grown up drama which most will relate to. There’s a distinct lack of nuns on bikes and Danish subtitles on this too actually.


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