Tribes have the wind well and truly beneath their sails heading into the rest of 2012; it doesn’t seem that long ago that ‘We Were Children’ hit the nation’s airwaves in April of last year with its catchy guitar riffs and massive chorus, but since then they’ve gone on to release their debut album Baby, which has received positive reviews including 9/10 from NME and four stars from The Guardian, as well as announcing a UK headline April/May tour.

‘Corner of an English Field’ will be the latest single to be released from the album on April the 2nd and yet again showcases the band’s prowess at writing big choruses. It’s not surprise that this song is going down a storm at live gigs and is sure to provoke a massive sing-along from festival crowds this summer. The hook is certainly something you can’t get out of your head after a few listens as the band’s frontman, Johnny Lloyd, yearns “In the corner of an English field / With the devil trying to cut a deal / I’ve decided I don’t wanna go home.”

Of course, songs aren’t just judged on the chorus as Tribes open up the track with these really retro echoing guitar notes before another strong guitar riff comes into play accompanied by a nice drum beat. The opening verse of the song is a poignant affair as Lloyd waxes lyrically about how the places he remembered in his childhood have changed since a terrible incident, when he laments “Took a walk yesterday / To the places we would play / The child had passed away / And it hasn’t been the same” before heading into a dreamy bridge and then bursting into its huge chorus.

The track continues to reminisce about times gone by he’s shared with a special girl and almost whether things will be the same as they were in the future and even after death in the verse “A hundred years from now / When we’re six feet underground / Do you think there’ll be a crowd / Still laughing” and this continues to be the main theme throughout the song as Lloyd creates fantastic imagery of someone looking back to the past.

Yet again, Tribes come up with another great song that does not only grab the ears with another almighty hook, but is strong in both the instrumentation and lyrical departments and will definitely be a big hit on their UK tour and into the festival season.

Oliver Turner

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