Axl faces the prospect of a stretch in prison after he finds himself in the possession of drugs. If things weren’t bad enough, Axl also has to contemplate life without Gaia as her father’s in town, looking to take his daughter back to their home island. The episode is a bit of a slow burner, sprinkled with entertaining moments, but also seems to lose some off the momentum generated from recent weeks…

I have to confess, I really wasn’t keen on where the episode was heading from the beginning. It all felt a little too mundane, you’d never of thought you were watching a television show about the human incarnations of Norse gods.

It doesn’t take long into the episode before Axl and housemate Zeb, discover a large stash of cocaine in Axl’s car. I worried that the main “threat” of the episode was Axl facing jail, but thankfully we learn he’s actually being the set up by those guileful goddesses.

The plan was a sound one – plant class A drugs on Axl, implicate him being in the location where the drugs were stolen, tip-off the police then watch him face a stretch behind bars, rendering unable to complete his quest to find the ever elusive Frigg.

Inevitably, things don’t exactly go to plan as there’s one thing the goddesses didn’t take into consideration, the entrepreneurial qualities of Axl’s housemate Zeb, who, sensing the possibilities of financial freedom, takes the planted stash for himself.

Axl’s journey in to maturity still continues, and one of the main highlights of the episode comes when he finally opens up to Gaia, in a roundabout way, declaring he loves her. Is Gaia in fact Frigg, the goddess Axl is searching for? It definitely would seem the case, though he actually seems none the wiser about this.

A thought I’m surprised Axl hasn’t even entertained, but still…

It was entertaining to watch Axl clash heads with Gaia’s father Bryn, and we’re also treated to the brilliant moment where Axl needs to retrieve the misplaced cocaine, from possibly the two most bizarre students in New Zealand, with a sword.

Though as mentioned in the intro, some of the momentum and tension generated from recent weeks has dissipated. Like the previous showing, this episode could be considered standalone, but it’s a shame to see some of the consequences and confrontations from last week haven’t carried over.

Ty and Ander’s have seemingly reconciled their differences concerning Dawn. And Olaf makes an almost cameo appearance towards the end of the episode, with no one mention his rather poor behaviour from last week. I’d be really surprised to see if he was living with Mike and Helen again, in the next episode.

So despite a slightly disjointed feeling of this episode, it still amounted to decent viewing, from a show that has a lot of heart. I’m expecting things to heat up sooner rather than later. Ander’s has finally put a face to one of the goddesses, now knowing where she lives and works. After his confrontation – albeit over the telephone – will said goddess become a liability to her group? Will Ander’s just leave her alone after his threats?

I’m definitely looking forward to when it all finally boils over.

Levi St John

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