March 7th brang the birth of Skint & Demoralised’s new single “All The Rest Is Propaganda” taken from their recently released album “This Sporting Life” and my my have this West Yorkshire indie pop band got a little summer head nodding treat for you all.

With a little chirpy guitar certainly hinting at The Metro’s fronted with a very pretty ‘head over heels’ ordinary boys rhyming lyric base. It’s friendly, it’s fruitful, it’s easy to listen to and it’ll seriously tickle your taste buds giving a slightly secretive, but easy introduction into the rest of their incredible album.

Poet front man Matt Abbott shows us his skills to lyrically capture poetic but detailed quick description on areas of heart clenching human emotion but all the while creating a long lasting love affair with you using that very charming English accent.

This is then tightly woven into a compact music bundle of very cute skipping guitar rift closely followed by a constant ticking beat sure to make you think of those pollinated fields, your past great summer moments on top of all the outings you’ll be having in the months to come, oh and of course.. Maybe conjure up that quickly denied dream of a summer romance?

With such great musical talent and deliver in such a suave and sophisticated manner, there’s really not much to hate here.

The next up and coming tour date after their stop in Glasgow is April 8th in Darlington at Seen, you can watch the official video for this single below and grab yourself a free Mp3 of ‘Fireworks’ and ‘The Lonely Heart of England’ courtesy of Media Fire.

Michelle Siddall


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