Rammstein/Deathstars Nottingham Capital FM Arena 02:03:2012

Industrial metal band Deathstars opened for German legends Rammstein on their Made in Germany tour. They played 35 minutes of a standard Deathstars set, dressed in Gothic attire, with camp dancing and dark music. This is not a bad thing, for the Swedish band never fail to please a crowd and their sound is more suited to a larger stage, however, unless you are a fan, a half hour set is long enough before everything begins to sound the same. This choice of support band was met with some scepticism from those who knew them and complete disinterest from the masses who were there for one thing only, but they did very well and proved an ideal line up although the crowd either didn’t know what to make of them or just didn’t care.

An intense atmosphere met Rammstein as they made their way through the crowd to the smaller stage set up in the centre of the standing area, carrying a torch, an English flad and a red flag with the band’s symbol in black. They pause don the stage while a bridge descended from the roof and the stage rose the last of the distance to meet it so that they could cross to the main stage, passing over an awestruck crowd one at a time. With the ease of years of showmanship, the band began the two hour set in a method they had established for this tour: a count to ten, in German of course, while the band got into position, torches lit at either side of the stage. Sonne was the opening track and the crowd braced themselves against the onslaught of flamethrowers on stage. The energetic set was full of show as well as good German metal as fans were treated to a variety of the tricks used by the band including a shower of sparks for frontman Till Lindemann, flaming mic stands, flaming guitars, keyboardist Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz riding a rubber dinghy over the crowd and masks with flame throwers at the mouth used by the guitarists and Lindemann during classic track Fueur Frei. Du Hast, always a fan favourite, was sang almost entirely by only the crowd.

The band performed three songs from the smaller stage, again crossing on the bridge at which point two people from the crowd attempted to ruin it for the rest by climbing onto the bridge. The band continued, ignoring the extremes their fans were going to and played their songs, including Buch Dich which saw Lindemann using a fake male attachment to pretend to have intercourse with Flake, who ran away. Lindemann, riding his pity, sprawyed the crowd with liquid from his toy. The band returned to the main stage for the final part to their set, with more tricks in the form of a giant pair of wings with flame throwers at the tips and sparklers along the top edge, confetti in red, blue and silver for Amerika and ending with Pussy with Lindemann riding a pink cannon spurting foam over the crowd.

It was an incredible experience for both established and new fans as the German metal band proved why they are one of the biggest metal bands in the world as they performed a set that was basically a run through of their greatest hits.

Set List:

Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
Keine Lust
Asche Zu Asche
Fueur Frei
Mein Teil
Du Riechst So Gut
Links 2 3 4
Du Hast
(changeover to small stage)
Buch Dich
Mann Gegen Mann
Ohne Dich
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Mein Herz Brent
Ich Will
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Jeni Thomson

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