Sub Pop are the legendary alternative music label who have had such success stories on their books as Fleet Foxes, Foals and Flight of the Concords. Now, after their domination of the letter “F”, they’ve skipped over “G” and gone straight to “H”. Husky are the new hotness from Melbourne and have the distinction of being the first Aussie band signed to this historic label.

It’s not hard to see why. For the first few notes you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re listening to Hotel California. But a brash couple of chords signify an abrupt turn into territory resembling more Radiohead or The Mars Volta. The singer sounds like an Australian Thom Yorke, all softly sung high-pitched vocals, scarcely heard whispers and muted wails. But the themes and poetic imagery are more folky, organic and natural.

This may make it sound like a hodgepodge of Alternative Folk Rock but Husky deserve more than that. The Woods is rustic yet ethereal, like a song dreamt up whilst dosing in an enchanted forest. The different layers of the track are planted like a seed in your mind which are then nurtured and allowed to take root in your imagination growing and flourishing, creating seeds of their own, renewing the cycle again and again.

The video compliments this idea wonderfully, animated in a style that combines computer graphics with stop motion, reminiscent of Televators, or Tonight, Tonight. It creates striking imagery of the band overlooking a buzzing city bathed in light pollution as they allow the forces of nature to reclaim them. It tells a beautiful tale about how life to grows, reproduces and survives, and how powerless we are in its mighty shadow. No matter how big your empires become, nothing escapes the cycle of nature.

Husky are a great band with a hypnotic style that are bound to make a sizeable dent in the Alt scene and maybe in the mainstream as well.

Lee Hazell


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By Lee Hazell

Lee is the Vulture Hound TV Editor.