Regular viewers of Desperate Housewives will know that throughout the hugely tumultuous years that they have been neighbours, throughout the deaths, divorces and deception, there has been one thing that has remained consistent, and that is the friendship and complete loyalty of the central characters. The bond between Lynette, Gabrielle, Susan and Bree has weathered some stormy landscapes but has always prevailed, no doubt growing stronger season by season as our tragedy prone housewives see each other through increasingly difficult times. It is a textbook ingredient for creating an aspirational drama; what woman doesn’t wish she could have 3 best friends that all live across the street? Perhaps it seems fitting then that it is this cornerstone of the shows success that the writers are now choosing to attack as the final series grows more complex

As the possibility of their crime being uncovered begins to seem frighteningly likely the girls are starting to crack under the pressure – will this turn out to be the final storm that will ultimately drive them apart forever?

The episode begins with our lynchpin; the trusty and reliable Bree, as we are told that she turns to baking when she is feeling down she uses scones to try to reconcile with each of the girls in turn only to be rejected by them all. You can’t help but feel for her, she is very much becoming the crux of this series and now, with a family all grown up and without a love life to speak off, her friendships on the lane are literally all she has left. Not surprisingly she is back on the wagon which leads to an extremely cringe-worthy incident at a bar after having one too many on her own she joins a group of strangers, orders champagne for the table and spends the whole night trying to fool herself that they are her friends. Bless her.

If that isn’t enough to make the staunchest amongst you take pity, she then goes to Chuck; her detective ex-lover that has somehow become one of the slimest and most spiteful men ever to grace the lane, and offers to sign any confession he confronts her with as long as he leaves her friends alone! Now that is not a plot point to be taken lightly here she is offering to confess to a murder she didn’t even commit and most probably face life in jail in return for the freedom of her friends.

By this point it has become clear that Chucks dogged obsession with his ‘unofficial’ missing persons case is him finding a way to attack Bree, to get some kind of sick revenge on her for refusing to marry him. He is enjoying watching her squirm and has figured out that threatening her friends is the best way to do that.

With her closest friendships in tatters Susan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime; to move to New York to pursue her career as an artist. She is more than tempted and even begins packing a suitcase, desperate to escape being dragged into a criminal investigation and admitting that there is little left to keep her on Wysteria Lane. Susan is notoriously weak under pressure and struggles to keep the slightest of secrets so after being questioned by Chuck she is quite right to worry that she will be the one to crack and blow the case wide open.

Chuck has managed to make quite the impression on everyone even Lynette who so far has seemed to be been taking this all in her stride, interrupts Toms romantic trip to Paris with Jane to confess her part in the crime. No doubt she is spooked by the investigation and desperately needs somebody to talk to about the very real prospect of her going to jail.

And as for Gabby, well she dropped enough clues in her interrogation to encourage Chuck to start digging around in her past and lo and behold what does he find? An old photograph of her and Alejandro that proves they are related there will be no lying or flirting her way out of this one now. He warns her to come to the station the next day with a lawyer, and he no doubt has enough evidence now to really go to town on our girls.

Surely the writers aren’t going to let it be that easy though are they? What kind of meddling disaster could get in the way of Gabby being grilled by the most dishonorable detective in town? A freak accident perhaps? Chuck being mysteriously mowed down in the middle of the night? Of course it was entirely intentional and  the driver remains faceless, with enough murkily pointing fingers to keep us guessing for at least the next two episodes.

Lets just hope this fortunate accident hasn’t come too late for Bree, as she checks into a dingy motel with a bottle of wine and a gun preparing for the worst and catching up with an old dead friend. I can see the cyclical advantage of having her pull the trigger, what with the series beginning with a desperate suicide to cover up a crime, but if they have the nerve to kill off perhaps one of the most loved characters of the series, surely they will wait to nearer the end of the season?

The cliffhangers of this show are sometimes too much to bear, and as confident as I am that Bree will see it through to episode 10 I can barely wait to find out for sure.

Chelsey Burdon

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