Last weeks episode ended with Susan heading off on a journey with a mysterious agenda; Alejandro had a family in Oklahoma and she felt that she had to see them to put her mind at rest. As if somehow knowing that they weren’t grieving for him, that he was a man who wouldn’t be missed, would make her feel less guilty about being an accomplice to his murder. She discovers that the man in question was a bit of a dead beat husband, and notices that his step-daughter physically shudders at the mention of him. Knowing how much of a pervert Alejandro was and the devastating effect that this had on poor Gabby she feels compelled to help the family in any way that she can even if that involves posing as a collector of Americana and handing over a 4 figure sum cheque for a coffee jar of lego!

When Susan heads back to the home later there is a very touching scene between her and the step-daughter where she perhaps gives a little too much away “I can promise you one thing he will never hurt you again.” surely this one is going to come back with a vengeance right? Beyond giving a terrified teenager a reason to be able to sleep at night all Susan really achieved was to embroil even more people into this case, raising the stakes and ultimately the likelihood of them being found out.

But lets not forget that there is still the matter of Bree’s mysterious notes. In an attempt to avoid being accused of being secretive again she takes the latest one “You’re Welcome” to Gabby and Lynette hoping for some friendly solace, a chance at reconciliation. All she gets from them is more rejection, instead of being supportive and working together to try to figure out who is behind this they palm it off as Bree’s problem after all, she is the only one receiving these notes, she is clearly being targeted by whoever it is that knows what they did. Poor Bree she can’t catch a break. I was really hoping that this episode would see Renee tell the other girls what she saw that night in the motel room and maybe that would make them come to their senses and stop acting so coldly. But, Bree does find a way to let her hair down, involving several glasses of wines, a strange man and some skinny dipping. Suffice it to say her night doesn’t end in magical romantic bliss but that doesn’t stop her heading back to the same bar the next night. Oh dear, it seems getting back on the booze could be the start of a long and slippery slope for Bree unless someone steps in soon.

Gabby and Lynette are (almost) back to their usual pally selves “I say we forgive each other and just be mad at Bree”-its a reunion of convenience as Gabby urgently needs someone to help her secure a deal for Carlos’ business while he is still in rehab. I’m inclined to believe that the writers are just throwing in conflict wherever they can squeeze it as it’s not long before they are at each others throat again. When Gabby refuses to try to take in any useful knowledge from Lynette she accuses her of skating by on her looks whilst Lynette is apparently a self-obsessed know-it-all. Ouch. After a fallout like that there is only one way to make up amaretto and ice-cream!

While the ladies on the lane are getting their claws out the men are facing altogether different problems; Ben is having trouble financing his dream real estate project and is literally inches away from closing a deal with a dodgy looking loan shark before Mike steps in. Of course Mike knows debt and financial crisis, him and Susan have had money problems of their own, and he also knows how dangerous these men can be so he is right to warn Ben off. But how else is he going to make sure this project is lifted off the ground after all the hard-work he has already put into it? If only there was someone on the lane who was head over heels for him, someone who is clearly not short of a few bob but may also be sitting on a $12million fortune. When Mike lets it slip just how rich Renee really is Ben decides it may just be time to take their relationship to the next level.

And so more groundwork is laid in place for what is yet to come in this final series, more questions that we can’t wait to see answered. Will Mrs Sanchez try to get to the bottom of Susan’s visit? Will  Gabrielle really manage to hold down the fort while Carlos is in rehab? And who is the strange man following Bree to bars? Our mystery hit and run driver?

All will be revealed. (We hope).

Chelsey Burdon


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