Well, after the emotional upheaval of last weeks episode, viewers don’t really get to loosen their seatbelts just yet as episode ten continues in much the same dark and deeply confessional tone, humour is uncharacteristically scarce and secrets and suspicion keep coming at full force.

We can however have a slight breath of relief as our suicidal Bree is interrupted, gun in hand, by a gloriously timed knock on the door. I can imagine, after having psyched yourself up to pull the trigger, alone in a dodgy motel room, the last thing you would want is some neighbour breaking down the door; not to come to your aid and desperately dissuade you from your decision, but to accuse you of sleeping with their boyfriend and throw incredulous insults at you “You’re just a middle-aged skank in a Nancy Reagan nightie!”. But that is exactly what Renee did, after becoming convinced that Bree was sleeping with Ben. Of course she spots the gun, and the note and goes all suicide watch on Bree taking the laces out of her sneakers, hiding all the sharp implements in her home and providing a cheerful breakfast service, determined not to leave Bree’s home until she is convinced that she is no longer a danger to herself. That’s what friends are for right?

Only Bree doesn’t really consider her a ‘friend’ – pointing out the difference between neighbourly acquaintances and somebody you would want to share your suicidal motivations with. Ouch. But Renee is persistent and her reasoning becomes clear when she confides in her ‘acquaintance’ about her own mothers suicide when she was still in school.

Further down the lane Gabby is tearing her hair out as Carlos has gone AWOL from rehab and has been gone all night up to God knows what. She has all the more reason to worry when news comes in of Chuck Vance’s hit and run murder. Another well-timed coincidence perhaps that gets our ladies off the hook? After all, Chuck was the only one on the case of Alejandro- and it wasn’t even an official one. Or was this a deliberate and premeditated attempt to silence the meddling cop and make sure the secret of the body in the woods stays buried forever? Well of course we are inclined to believe the latter but the its all still very open-ended. Bree and Lynette even come together to draw a diagram of suspects (something tells me that may eventually wind up in the wrong hands), as far as they are aware there is nobody else that knows about the case that would try to protect them by killing Chuck. Sure, Mike, Ben and now Tom are also in on the secret, but none of them are cold-blooded murderers. Or are they? Then of course there is still the mystery of Bree’s strange note, a clue left earlier in the series that somebody else was onto them could that be their mystery hit and run driver? Hopefully all will be revealed soon enough. Carlos eventually manages to wiggle off the suspect hook when his car is found, undented, at the police station, so no matter how drunk he was, it wasn’t him that mowed down the one man who had the knowledge to put him behind bars.

As it turns out Chuck’s untimely demise was fortuitous for Carlos in more ways than one. In an act of drunken absurdity he’d made his way to Fairview Police Station and was ready to make a confession got as far as dropping the hints ‘battered’ and ‘candlestick’ before the news came in of a hit and run and his ramblings were overlooked. A close call for the Solis’; Gabby may have to keep a watchful eye on that alcoholic husband of hers.

After trusty Tom cancelled his romantic trip with Jane; its nice to see him and Lynette reach some point of reconciliation. He assures her that despite everything she still means the world to him whilst she makes a personal milestone after a family movie night.

In this lies the only glimmer of optimism offered by the series at this point. The rest of the lane might be going to hell in a hand cart but at least there is chance our favourite couple will end up back together.

Chelsey Burdon

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