Big Deal ‘Talk’ (Single Review)


Having spent the majority of 2011 touring alongside the likes of Anna Calvi, Cloud Control and S.C.U.M, whilst performing at top festivals such as Hop Farm, Wireless, Reading and Leeds, it’s a wonder we haven’t heard more than just whispers regarding Big Deal. “Lights Out is surprising, sincere and, above all, a success.” Clearly for the BBC and for most music lovers and their cynical minds, their debut album threw a spanner in the works, throwing the mis-conconception of male/female duo’s straight through the window. Their latest single from “Lights Out” is to be emotion fuelled number “Talk”. Following in true Big Deal fashion the track is structured with just the bare necesseties at hand, maintaining their stripped back, acoustic vs electric guitar approach.  Simplicity is the aim of the game, focusing on the key compontents of a song rather than creating a “show”, so to speak.

However the use of instruments does not define Big Deal alone. Alice Costelloe’s teenage angst combined with the life experience of Kacey Underwood, their fusion of personalities help keep the mechanics oiled,  easing the songwriting process and keeping each churned out track as fresh as the last. “Talk” tells yet another part of perhaps the same continuous, double-sided tale, of desires, disquietude and dead-ends. “All I wanna do is talk/ but seeing you f**ks me up”. They appear to be a contradiction of each other yet somehow still on the same wavelength, surrounded by an air of mystery. Thus leading to their seemingly odd pairing to be taken often as something more than just musical. “Talk” is due for release on 7th April from Mute Records, with Big Deal currently on tour in the US. Make of the track what you will but it’s a challenge in itself to deny that they’re good at what they do, moody, hypnotic, pop/rock. The XX comparisons will surely come thick and fast.


Hannah Murphy