The penultimate episode of this revamped series sees our heroes face some tough choices.

Ghost Eve takes Annie on a Christmas Carol style tour of the future, and dark times lay ahead for the supernatural housemates. In the future, Tom died in a werewolf concentration camp and Hal is a vicious commander in the vampire regime.

Hal is struggling to control his condition, and a series of flashbacks to 1950 reveal a previous friendship with Cutler. This turns out to be more than just a passing encounter, Hal sired Cutler and the recurring flashbacks paint Hal in a very different and disturbing light.

Desperate for information, Hal has a drink of human blood with Cutler and it’s all pretty much downhill from there. After meeting Alex, Hal is craving more blood and like an addict he goes cold turkey to free himself of the thirst.

Tom is a source of constant joy, whilst he might not be smartest werewolf in the pack he makes up for it by being so likable. This week he excelled himself; his prepared speech to Cutler was priceless. It’s difficult to gauge if Cutler actually wants to use Tom as a weapon, on several occasions Cutler seemed grieved by the decision he had to make.

Alex is still chasing after Hal, sadly she is used in the same way Hal used Cutler’s wife back in the 50s. Her untimely death does pave the way for her to be a series 5 regular, as long as her business remains unfinished that is.

Ghost Eve explains her previous attempts to rewrite history, and tells Annie of her own future. Annie is faced with an impossible choice, in order to prevent a future of horrors Annie must kill Eve as a baby.

Cutler’s plan is simple but effective, the only way to make blood sucking vampires look better is if there is something worse out there. Social media is a powerful tool in the modern world, so what better way to spread mass werewolf panic. Hal arrives at the nightclub just in time to get the party-goers out, and face off against a fully transformed Tom.

The closing minute brought the surprise inclusion of Mark Gatiss as one of the old ones, Mr Snow. Personally speaking, this is an inspired casting choice you almost wonder why he’s never appeared in it before.

There’s no denying series 4 has been a lighter/funnier series, so it’s great to see the darkness seeping back in. This was another strong episode and next week’s finale looks quietly epic.

Being Human concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC Three

Chris Suffield

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