As we reach the halfway point in the latest series, trouble is brewing in the house. It all seems to kick off just as Kirby (James Lance) arrives from the other side, claiming Nina sent him to help Annie with baby Eve. Although. it was made clear from last week’s teaser that Kirby was working for somebody else.

Kirby quickly sets about dividing the group, his nice guy act sees him play the soft and caring guy that people want around and more worryingly, trust. He stirs trouble between all the housemates, he carefully and methodically sets them off against each other and watches as Annie’s world gets smaller and smaller.

Against the odds Hal and Tom are becoming friends, so Kirby’s plan added an extra layer of evil. James Lance is an actor I have never managed to warm to, his part in I’m Alan Partridge aside of course. Kirby worms his way in and plays on the housemates insecurities, paranoia and, in Hal’s case, a past he’s desperately trying to keep from Annie.

All Tom wants for his 21st birthday is something normal, nothing fancy. A slice of cake and a smile from his friends would be more than enough. Sadly, Kirby has been raising Tom’s hopes all day and he’s in for more disappointment, as there is no surprise party. Kirby sits back and watches the chaos he’s created unravel, and we learn he wasn’t actually a very nice man at all whilst he was alive.

New baddie on the block Cutler (Andrew Gower) is playing the long game, he isn’t as impulsive as Fergus was and he’s far more calculating. We have only seen a few glimpses of him so far, but it’s adding to the build up his storyline. On a personal note, he was giving off a young David Thewlis vibe throughout his performance, which added a sense of ferociousness unpredictability.

The overriding story arc of this series was teased once again, the mysterious woman from the future (older Eve?) was pulling Kirby’s strings she’ll undoubtedly make another attempt before long. It was good to see this element is being eased in and should lead to a finale worth the wait.

There are still many unanswered questions, but everything is unfolding at a digestible pace, that gives new fans the chance to get up to speed and allows the die-hard fans to get used to the new line up.

It wasn’t the strongest episode of the new series, but there was still plenty to enjoy and the core story arc was still well served.

The teaser for the next episode sees the return of Adam, the teenage vampire from series 3 and online spin-off Becoming Human. I wonder how he’ll take the news of all the recent deaths?

Being Human continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC Three

Chris Suffield

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