After a slightly off episode last week, the 5th installment in the fourth series finds things back on form and our housemates on lock down. Vampire Adam returns to hide out with his girlfriend at the gang’s hotel. Sounds like typical Adam, the foul-mouthed 47-year-old Vampire in the body of a 16-year-old, well it’s anything but typical.

Adam’s girlfriend turns out to be a middle-aged school teacher named Yvonne, and their relationship has got the attention of the press. Looking for somewhere to hide out, they arrive at the hotel and are swiftly followed by an army of paparazzi.

Yvonne makes casual claims that men seem to go crazy over her, even Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt tried to win her affections. Hal and Annie both fail to see the attraction, but after shaking Yvonne’s hand Tom is love struck.

The mounting press outside pose a difficult situation for the supernatural friends, dozens of eagle-eyed photographers are desperate for a shot of the May to December couple. As vampires don’t show up on camera, this could lead to catastrophic revelation.

Yvonne initially takes the news of Adam being a vampire as a joke, but she soon discovers he’s telling the truth. Meanwhile, after a vivid dream Tom’s affections turned obsessive and Hal soon falls under her spell and makes it an awkward love square.

This gives plenty of room for some of the funniest moments on Being Human, Craig Roberts is terrific as Adam, he’s certainly an actor on the rise after his performance in last year’s Submarine.

The web series spin-off Becoming Human was a great addition to the Being Human world, I hope they commission another run as Craig won’t be able to play a never aging teenage vampire for much longer.

Yvonne isn’t exactly normal herself, she’s a succubus and can make men intoxicated with her through touch and proximity. Adam is the first man she has been able to be intimate with who hasn’t died horribly, and they say romance is dead.

New big bad, Cutler has been a bit of a mystery, his plan is now starting to become clear. He is creating false reports of werewolf attacks; he’s even mutilating bodies to make them appear as though werewolves attacked them.

The only misstep in the entire episode was Pete the photographer, the crafty journalist sneaks a picture of Adam smoking, but all he gets is an empty space. Pete has been collecting evidence of the existence of vampires since his own family was violently murdered by them.

This minor misstep can be forgiven as it gave us another glimpse into the darker nature of Cutler, and we finally learn more about his long game schemes.

There was one jaw dropping moment when every viewer thought the show had killed off another character. During Hal’s vivid dream scene, Hal suddenly stabs Tom with a stake. For the 30 seconds or so before Hal wakes up, I don’t think I breathed or blinked.

Overall this was a very enjoyable episode that had the right balance of laughs, jumps and emotional punch. Everything we’ve come to expect from one of our finest supernatural dramas.

Being Human continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC Three

Chris Suffield

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