Considering the major upheaval that has gone on this year on Being Human, it could have quite easily been a somber and dark affair. However, Being Human fully embraces its funny bone completely for Puppy Love.

There is no escaping that series 4 has been a lighter series all together, which is perfectly understandable as it’s a big ask for any series to have such a cast change around. So, the funnier and lighter touch has allowed us to get used to these new characters, and more importantly it’s helped us like them.

Hal is still trying to set up a new routine to help him manage his condition. However, whilst Hal might find polishing spoons and putting eggs in size order fun and calming, Tom is bored out of his mind.

Allison spotted Tom on the YouTube video Cutler uploaded and tracked him down to the cafe. Thankfully the video is being dismissed as a hoax, but as Allison is a werewolf herself, she wanted to meet the man himself.

Ellie Hendrick plays geeky Allison to perfection, she’s bright, quirky and her and Tom make a great couple. The montage set to The Osmond’s Puppy Love was quite simply inspired, and this lighter touch is seriously paying off.

Love is also in the air for Hal, the mysterious and alluring Alex takes a shine to him and he finds her strangely intoxicating. Given that Hal is an old one and should know better, this recent temptation does seem forced and even without Leo’s guidance Hal should have avoided Alex all together.

Over the weeks Tom and Hal’s friendship has blossomed into one of trust and mutual respect. Hal even asks Tom to help him control his condition, effectively filling the Leo shaped gap in his life.

This relationship is becoming more important as Hal is convinced he is the burned vampire that will harm baby Eve. Cutler plan starts to fall apart with the arrival of vampire Golda who has plans of her own. One of her henchmen Kane has a love of action movies and constantly churns out clichéd dialogue, this adds to the comedy value but did push the lines of parody.

Annie gets a fantastic sub story in this episode. After she accidentally kills a grumpy old man, she sets about trying to solve his unfinished business so he can pass on. This set up allows for some of the funniest moments in the shows 4 year history. Annie learns that not all unfinished business is nice, that sometimes a bad thing must be done to pass over. Is this a cryptic message for Annie’s departure?

In the closing moments of the episode the series story arc is brought back into play, the sudden arrival of ghost Eve from the future gives us somewhat of a cliffhanger. Eve asks Annie to come with her to help her stop a war, based on the teaser for next week’s episode troubled times lay ahead for our supernatural housemates.

Being Human continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC Three

Chris Suffield

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