This week is a little low on new comedy or drama what with things like Prisoner’s Wives and Inside Men just starting their runs. Monday sees the continuation of the atmospheric and down right creepy
of Whitechapel. The series, comprised of three 2-part stories returned last week and appeared to back on form. I’ll be honest I was keen not to go straight to bed after the opening episode. This second episode (or part 2 to episode 1) sees more twists and turns as Chandler and his team try to find their escaped prisoner and discover whether he was responsible for the brutal murders of four well liked Tailors.
If you enjoy the goriness that Whitechapel thrives on there’s a documentary on Tuesday night that might just be right up your dark alley. Death Unexplained is a three-part documentary following
coroner Alison Thompson and her team as they examine in painstaking detail mysterious, violent and unnatural deaths in west London, one of the busiest jurisdictions in the country. Behind each case is also a very human story; these are movingly told by the families of the deceased, revealing more about their lives and the circumstances of their deaths. In the first episode, Alison’s team investigates a rare case of suspected poisoning; a possible prescription drugs overdose; and the case of a man whose body lay undiscovered for months I’m guessing the squeamish amongst you might one to flick over but it sounds really interesting

Wednesday sees perhaps a surprising return for Channel 4’s comedy/topical news programme 10’Oclock Live. The series which is fronted by Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne received perhaps a bit more of a lukewarm reception from viewers and critics alike. I’m quite happy Channel 4 decided to take a punt and give the series a second shot to make an impression. There’s definitely a slot in this world of social media for a show like this and if tweaks the producers have made work this could really succeed. On the other hand if they have stuck to the same formula from last year I’m fairly sure this could be the final series of 10’Oclock Live.

10 O’CLOCK LIVE RETURNS WEDNESDAY AT 10.00PM (True to its name then)

I raved about Inside Men in last week’s column and I’m about to do it again! This four-part action packed drama continues with episode 2. If like me the end of part one left you desperate for more then don’t worry its back on Thursday. There are more twists and turns to come as we see the fallout and the planning of the heist that had over 5 million glued to their sofas last week. I could tell you more about where the plot goes but where’s the fun in that?

Finally I’d like give special mention to Ruth Jones’ new Sky1 sitcom Stella. It hasn’t been given the fanfare of other series at the moment and its completing deserving of it. It’s a warm and genuinely funny comedy for of likeable and normal characters. Sadly if you’ve missed out on this we’re five episodes in to the ten episode run but if you enjoyed Gavin & Stacey or you’re just in need of a new comedy to fill an otherwise empty Friday night this fits the bill nicely.


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