In last episode of The Almighty Johnsons, we learned that Axel needs to find the goddess Frigg, to realise his full potential of becoming Odin, and so that his brothers can also become fully powered gods in their own right. This week, Anders sets it upon himself to push Axl in the right direction of finding Frigg.

Now how does Axl go about finding Frigg? Well according to Anders, sleeping with every Scandinavian looking woman he comes across is the answer. First on the cards? A very attractive netball player.

This plan of Anders’ doesn’t really hold to much scrutiny. It’s actually mentioned in the episode, what if Frigg hasn’t even been born yet? Frigg necessarily may not be a 21 year old girl, she may be married, have kids, or as Anders points out, she may even be a lesbian.

Frigg being one of the mysterious group of women would be a good twist.

This does add an undercurrent of excitement to the whole “Who will be Frigg” story arc, but I’m going to put my neck out and say that Frigg will probably end up being a attractive young girl. Most important of all, is it actually flat mate Gaia? I hope it’s not that obvious.

Anyway, where many may be over the moon at the prospect at having to sleep with a plethora of women until finding “The One”, Axl doesn’t have the best track record with women, and we were treated to rather funny flash backs of Axl’s sexual encounters being interrupted by Mike and Val.

The moments of comedy are quite easy to come by in The Almighty Johnsons. Watching Axl lose his virginity to the earlier mentioned netball player was pretty funny considering she ended up unconscious – Im guessing down to some kind of super sperm? And I generally laughed out loud when Anders called Ty, God of Cold and Darkness – God of Has Someone Left the Door Open.

The Almighty Johnsons definitely has some charming qualities. And dare I say it, there’s a sort of over the top, “campy” feel to some of the acting, more so where Axl is concerned.

But this “campy” feel may also be detrimental to the show. There’s a more ‘serious’ element running through the episode concerned Mike and wife Val,  and the unsuccessful IVF treatment. I found it difficult to feel any deep, deep emotion concerning the fact. One minute the show is being quite cheeky, then the next it attempts to be quite serious. Though The Almighty Johnsons, may just be finding its feet.

All in all, there was a lot to enjoy in the second episode. There’s still quite a fair bit to get through, and I wouldn’t mind finding out more about the mysterious group of women, but I suppose the show has done its job in getting me hooked.

There aren’t many shows out that that specifically cater to fans of Norse mythology, so The Almighty Johnsons, for me, is like a breath of fresh air.

Levi St John

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