Last night Mike Marlin performed at Concrete under Pizza East in Shoreditch. The gig was a small affair celebrating the release of his second album for which you can find a review here. He played a modest handful of carefully chosen songs designed to showcase the direction he’s taking with the new album. A cautious and mellow start made way for a more confident second act, Marlin clearly finding his stride in more energetic and upbeat songs. That isn’t to say the first half wasn’t good, Marlin’s increased vulnerability certainly added to the performance and the laid back, melancholy vibe gave a better impression of the album as a whole.

The highlight of the night though was a showcase of videos set to the music of Marlin’s new singles. In a touch that added an extra dimension to his set, he performed live to the winner’s video. The result you can see above but by playing the music along with the video as a performance created an ambience, an intimacy that amplified the music and words to an almost ethereal state.

I liked the winner but I feel a few others deserve some recognition so I’ve picked a few of my favourites you can see below.

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