As would be expected, things are growing increasingly tense on Wysteria Lane and small clues are beginning to be left that insinuate a climactic ending for our residents. Almost all of our loveable neighbours are now somehow implicated in the death of Alejandro; new face on the street Ben offered Bree an inexplicable favour when he agreed to not report the body he had found on his land to the police and instead asked trusty ex-con Mike to ‘dispose’ of it. Gabby’s detestable step-dad now lies under layers of concrete where new homes are soon to be built. Surely this must let our girls off the hook no body=no crime right?

Wrong. It seems Bree’s detective ex  boyfriend Chuck is convinced that she is involved with this ‘missing persons’ case and the episode begins with him seemingly breaking into her home. He pretends to be concerned for her safety, after having found her front door open and insists on taking a look around. Not only is this guy really bitter that the red-headed wonder ditched him, he is now intent on pinning this crime on her. In her typical feisty way she stands up to him, whilst only implicating herself even further when he suggests that she is covering for her friends she retorts; “They are the one thing in my life that have never failed me and I will never fail them. And against that you are powerless”. Way to go Bree right? If only he had some more evidence, something more than a hunch to go on….

Well that nail in the coffin comes from the reluctant artist Susan. Having been pushed to the edge by the perpetually unlikable Andre she started to express some of her darker tendencies in a series of paintings that quite literally depicted that fateful night. Susan naively believes that these masterpieces will go no further than the classroom but she is soon paid a visit by an art critic that is determined to see them on the walls of his galleries. This can-not end well. And it doesn’t- against her wishes the paintings are launched and they go down a storm; this is the moment Susan has been waiting for, she is finally a celebrated artist, but instead of jubilation she is aghast when she sees her  artistic confession laid bare. And who should stumble in for a browse but Chuck himself.

Meanwhile Lynette is given a new glimmer of hope when she receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her and Tom’s wedding anniversary. They may argue like cat and dog and he may seem perfectly settled with his new woman but, not only did he remember their anniversary, he sent her flowers. It’s enough to get her jetting off to the salon for a new look, determined to win him back. So far this separation between the lanes most admirable couple has been repeatedly heartbreaking to watch, poor old Lynette seems to be stumbling at every road-block, getting more lonely as the series goes on. So surely, this is not another case of her being set up for disappointment? This would be a terrible place to throw in a spoiler but suffice it to say she is greeted with a little more than she bargained for when she pays him a surprise visit.

And finally Gabby and Carlos, well, his alcoholism is taking a nosedive as he takes some time off from his (very important) job to veg out on the sofa and try to sober himself up. When one of his top clients flies into town Gabby turns on her flirtatious charm to try to deal with the matter in her husbands suspicious absence. Needless to say it takes more than a low-cut blouse and some sexy hair swinging to close an $84 million contract and help swoops in the form of the resident office snake. Mistaking him for a friendly well-wisher Gabrielle confesses to this sly piece of work the real reason why Carlos is taking some time off, which soon blows up in her face.

Which leads nicely to the shock moment at the end of the episode, Chuck had said earlier “I wanna enjoy watching the Ice Princess melt”- and it seems the slippery slope that will transform the ever practical Ice Princess into a puddle of despair has begun. After being sober for a number of years, and helping many others through drink problems it seems the pressure of keeping it all together is finally taking its toil on Bree as she delights in a mouthful of wine. Disaster is certainly brooding on Wysteria Lane, and I have a sinking feeling that nobody will getting off lightly.

Chelsey Burdon

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