Desperate Housewives Episode 5


So, its been a couple of months now since our finely polished foursome dragged Gabrielle’s murdered father out to the woods and buried him. A pretty life changing event you would think. One final pact to unite these neighbors before the twitching curtains close once and for all over Wysteria Lane. The final series has so far had a much gloomier mood, it may not be the first time that murder has lingered over this corner of Suburbia but this time our beloved protagonists are irrevocably implicated. Surely this can’t end well?

Episode 5 brings the man of the hour back to our attention. Carlos Solis, the loyal, loving husband that responded to the reemergence of his wives abusive step father by bashing his brains in. Buried under his guilt he has tried turning first to God, then to the companionship of Susan but now that both of those avenues have been exhausted he’s found himself turning to the bottle. Hmm, alcoholism, haven’t we seen that somewhere before? But with the eternally insensitive Gabby acting the way she has, I can hardly say I blame him. Greeting his attempt at unloading his grief with;

“Is this dead guy angst? Cos I’m really pooped right now.”.

She perpetuates her shallow stereotype, pre-occupying herself with hot stone massages and manicures whilst neglecting her new-found duties as president of the PTA. When the other mothers decide to teach her a lesson and leave her in the lurch on teacher appreciation day she calls on Carlos for a helping hand, who stumbles into the school hall barely able to stand. Eeek. At least he tried though eh?

I have to wonder just how believable Gabrielle’s behaviour is which isn’t of course a dig at Langoria’s performance, who I think often steals the show. But of all the characters she is the only one who seems to have abandoned any sense of guilt or responsibility. Granted, Lynette has got too much on her mind with her marriage troubles, but the ever righteous Bree has stopped attending church and Susan is trying to draw out her darkness with art whilst Gabrielle seems to have eased back into her usual life of superficiality and naivety. After all it was HER step-father that was killed that night and after the gun wielding performance she put in last season one would expect her to have some flavour of emotional reaction to his departure. Nope- seemingly nothing.

Behind other closed doors of the cul-de-sac, Lynette and Tom visit a relationship counsellor and try to determine what it is they want from each other. Perturbed by his open admission of dating Lynette takes the plunge, first with online dating and then, reluctantly, a night on the town to try to play him at his own game. After a string of cheesy chat up lines and cringe worthy encounters she’s soon ready to throw the towel in but is greeted on her way home by Scott; a charming, funny, good-looking guy that seems to be carrying some similar baggage. Their romance almost makes it all the way to his bedroom, but a timely intervention from fate has her loose her wedding ring and the panic that ensues no doubt reminds her of the potential repercussions.

Meanwhile Bree is visited by the local priest who seems less concerned by her absence from the congregation as he is the absence of her home-made baking. Nevertheless he talks her into a stint of charity work to reconnect with her spirituality and she finds herself volunteering at Ben’s soup kitchen for the homeless. Bree being Bree, tinned tomato soup just wont do and she whips up  something special that soon draws in the trendy crowds with their laptops and smart phones. It’s not long before the homeless regulars feel pushed out, leaving Bree with some explaining to do. But Ben has got bigger plans for her and enlists her in his fight to build low-cost housing on some local woodland. She wows the investors and his bid is a success, little does she know however that local woodland happens to be the same place that hides her criminal secret. Its looking likely that their secret won’t stay buried for long.

Chelsey Burdon

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