After the shock of last week’s final few moments you’d expect Annie to be beside herself with grief, but she seems to be coping quite well so far. Or at least she’s doing a good job of not letting it show to anybody.

Having lost Mitchell, Nina and only last week lost George, Annie is determined to protect Eve at all costs. Annie has always been the mother goose type, now with a baby to look after and werewolf Tom, she has to keep a close eye on what’s left of her extended family.

This was a terrific episode that should silence those that thought the recent departures of core characters would bring about the end of the series. Obviously its early days but series creator Toby Whithouse has done an outstanding job carving a tense, funny and tender second episode. Annie is in for a few unexpected visitors in the form of a ghost (Pearl) an aging werewolf (Leo) and Vampire Hal, they have made the journey there to see the War Child at Leo’s request so he can be healed by the chosen one.

However unique the relationship between Mitchell, George and Annie was, it’s good to see that the same thing was possible back in the 1950’s. Although, Pearl (Tamla Kari) has been in love with werewolf Leo (Louis Mahoney) for the last 55 years, and she’s never told him. Unknown to Pearl, Leo feels the same way and as the years have passed by he too never found the courage to tell Pearl that he loved her.

Leo and Hal had a friendship very different from George and Mitchell, Leo taught Hal to control his base impulses, this helped Hal control his rage and his thirst. This is well highlighted with Hal’s dominoes; he sets them up but has never given into the urge to knock them over.

Tom is still hell-bent on killing every vampire he can find, but even he respects the rules of the house (nearly) for Annie’s sake. Leo knows he’s dying, his body won’t survive another transformation and he wants to put his affairs in order and this includes making sure Hal and Pearl are looked after once he’s gone.

There was plenty of scope for comedy, Annie having a blast while performing the ceremony, she seems proud that Eve is the chosen one, the one that will lead us all out of the dark. These scenes added a lighter side, but it also showed just how lonely Annie is now and how much she needs Eve.

We only get a glimpse at future Eve this week, she’s seen on the TV screen willing Hal to kill the baby, and for a moment there it looked like Hal was going to do it. As Leo was very much Hal’s strength in fighting his impulses, it’s already looking life a difficult journey ahead.

I wasn’t expecting Pearl to depart so soon, I had previously thought she would take Annie’s place before the end of the series. So it came as a shock that she opted to walk through her door with Leo. Telling him she loved him being her unfinished business. This series has already been full of surprises and the season story arc certainly appears to be the most ambitious to date.

I went into this episode with an open mind, I treasured George’s character and it was a bitter pill to swallow to lose him (as well as the others), but based on this episode the void is being filled and the new characters are working brilliantly together, giving Being Human a longer lease of life.

Overall it was a very well executed episode, that shows Hal isn’t just a quick replacement, Tom is proving he was worthy of being promoted to lead character and Annie truly is the heart of the series.

Being Human continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC Three

Chris Suffield

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