This week; Carrie and the team have to solve the case of two murdered anaesthesiologist’s, the only witness being their young son, Max, who’s gone into shock. So unravels a case containing illegal betting, dodgy doctors and the organ black market, which once again has Carries past demons bubbling to the surface.

The episode opens with Carrie Wells in a casino, but before you could mutter “here we go again”, the writers pull the rug from under you and you realise she’s actually in the old people’s home, putting her memory talents to use in a friendly game of black jack.

But it would seem that her days of spending so much time at the home are coming to an end, as Carrie get’s more involved with the police cases. Meaning she will be won’t be able to spend as much time with her mother.

Arriving at the scene of this week’s crime, it isn’t long before Carrie is putting her hyperthymesia to use. In last week’s review I noted how I wasn’t exactly blown away with the visuals of Carrie just ‘walking’ around reliving her memories. This week however my opinion has changed on the matter. Not to do with the visuals, but more how the memories are set up and then delivered.

The more eagle-eyed viewer will notice the way Carrie sheds a casual glance at something, and if the camera follows her gaze, we know she has looked at something which will inevitably be integral to solving the case. When it comes to the reveal, we don’t exactly feel cheated because as nine times out of ten, all the information was there to be spotted if you were paying attention/pressed paused and jotted down notes.

On to the case itself, the only witness is a young boy who it saw the murder of his parents. Carrie clearly empathises with the child, and is able to at least get him talking, very much to the annoyance of Al’s girlfriend, Elaine.

I welcome the addition of Elaine. It altered the way in which Carrie could go about the case, especially when it came to questioning young Max. Elaine also has added an element of external conflict that was missing from episode one which makes things interesting going forward. Her appearance also raises the stakes of the whole love dynamic between Carrie and Al. If anything does happen, the fallout will be just that much worse.

When it comes to the actual villain of this week’s episode though, I was disappointed. If only because I thought “Oh that’s Gale (David Costabile) from ‘Breaking Bad’, surely he’s not going to pop up for a 30 second stint as a Doctor, it has to be him.” Sure, the writers slipped in a red herring concerning the uncle but still…

Episode 2 ‘Heroes’ was an improvement on episode one for sure. Though going forward I think Unforgettable is walking a fine line. The intriguing nature of Carrie could help this become a stand out show, but in the same breath, is just as susceptible to tripping up and becoming ‘just another procedural drama’.

Levi St John

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