The premise of Unforgettable is a simple one. Carrie Wells; a former police detective, suffers from Hyperthymesia – the rather enviable (depending on your mood) ability to recall every detail from every day of her life, except, for the day she found her sister Rachel dead in the woods as a young girl.

Following the murder of a woman in her apartment block in New York, Carrie finds herself back on the police force working with former love interest Detective Al Burns.

Unforgettable wastes no time in delivering a decent flavour of Carrie’s personality. We witness her volunteering efforts at old people’s home, reeling off facts from the past to the delight of one elderly gentleman, to showing her steel to some low life mob types for “counting” cards in their casino.

On the subject of her extraordinary talent, I’m rather disappointed with the way the Hyperthymesia is visually portrayed. When it comes to Carrie relieving a memory, (and let’s remember: this is the focal point of the show) all she does is walk around said memory, slowly with wide-eyes and spot things.

Now maybe, just maybe, there’s a bit of TV snobbery going on here from my behalf because at the time of writing, we’re being treated to the rather superb Sherlock which does wonders visually displaying how his marvellous mind works. The comparison is completely unfair, I know.

The main case at the heart of the first episode wasn’t that compelling. The fact we pretty much a confession of murder with about ten minutes left in the show, strongly hinted that they had the wrong guy and the whole ‘whodunit’ was rather simple to solve.

The back story concerning Carrie and her trauma piques interest. The death of her sister is clearly still raw wound; and realising her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s was cruel irony. The history between Carrie and former partner Al, and the inevitable love story is there for all to see. The only problem with this is that to all intents and purposes it seems it will and I hope it doesn’t end up getting dragged out for the whole first series.

All in all, episode 1 was enjoyable, though more down to the strong character of Carrie, as opposed to the actual crime-of-the-week itself. And just who was that man cast in shadow at the scene of Carries sisters death? I look forward to finding out.

Levi St John

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