Last year’s mini series Mad Dogs was an unexpected hit, so a second run was quickly ordered and starts this Thursday (Jan 19th) on Sky One. If you missed the first series here’s a spoiler free recap of what you missed out on

Reuniting Life on Mars actors John Simm and Philip Glenister, add Marc Warren (who guest starred in Life on Mars), Max Beasley and Ben Chaplin to round off the cast and you’re already onto a winner. Newcomer Cris Cole has created a well paced comic thriller that delivers a satisfying mix of twists and drama in equal measures.

Alvo (Chaplin) is living the high life in Majorca, he invites four of his old friends out fromEnglandto spend a week in the sun. Woody (Max Beesley), Rick (Marc Warren), Quinn (Philip Glenister) and Baxter (John Simm) have all been through a lot with each other over the years so it’s not long before disagreements and some home truths start coming out.

Alvo is acting jittery, taking late night business calls; sleep deprivation and other strange behaviour is cause for his friends to be concerned about him. Soon they learn Alvo isn’t quite the man they all thought he was, a violent incident occurs which is the catalyst for series of unfortunate events that push their friendship to the limits.

This is a spoiler free recap so I’ll leave the revelations there, but it involves drug dealers, corrupt cops, murder and a stolen yacht. All the cast work very well in their roles, naturally Glenister and Simm bounce off each other like old friends. Max Beesley puts in a surprisingly good performance as Woody a man with terrible tragedy in his past.  Marc Warren is a dependable as ever and is perfectly cast as the slightly unbalanced Rick.

As the situation gets worse, the boys try to get themselves out of harms way but end up in more danger resulting in a desperate last stand.

If you missed series one, its well worth checking out and series two looks set to take the boys on a crazier ride. A third series is just about to go before the cameras, so we can enjoy their misadventures for some time to come.

Chris Suffield

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