After a near miss with a car bomb leaves our bunch of 40 something friends without transport, they face a hazardous trek to find safety. Pursued by a masked motor cyclist the boys briefly attempt to go their separate ways, but they soon end up taking refuge in a nearby church.

It’s not just the money that’s been divided; Rick hatches a plan with a still off the wagon Woody to back each other up should they get arrested. Baxter and Carmen consummate their infatuation and Quinn has a crisis of conscience over the life he took.

Out on the dusty road, Rick spots a shrine; it contains some of Alvo’s belongings and a dead Spanish monkey. He tries to convince the others that they are all cursed. Marc Warren as Rick nearly steals the episode, the group’s moral compass is somewhat off and Rick seems to be the only one not willing to continue breaking the law to get out of trouble. As Rick is needed to process the stolen money, the boys all make up and carry on as a group.

This was another slower episode but it allowed for plenty of character development, these aren’t just mindless louts on a jolly boys holiday gone wrong. The group dynamic is shifting and loyalties are divided, however they are still sticking together, just.

David Warner makes an appearance as Mackenzie, the man whose money the boys stole. Mackenzie and Quinn (Philip Glenister) have a civilized face to face on the beach, but Mackenzie is an intimidating old school drug dealer who owns most of the islands drug trade. It’s a compelling scene and sets up the series main villain perfectly.

The shock reveal at the end of the episode, proves that whilst Mackenzie could easily let the money go he is deadly serious about collecting. They have under a day to get Mackenzie his money and they are quite a bit short of the 3 million they need.

Once again Mad Dogs serves up a good mix of shocks and laughs, it’s just the sort of pre weekend TV you need to get you through Friday.

One thing’s for sure, if David Warner offers you an ice cream you better take it.

Mad Dogs continues on Sky 1 Thursday at 9pm

Chris Suffield

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